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ADIPEC Awards 2023 Recognizes Global Energy Innovators and Leaders

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Abu Dhabi, October 4 – The prestigious ADIPEC Awards 2023 ceremony, held under the theme ‘Leading the Transformation,’ celebrated eight pioneering projects, companies, and individuals driving transformative change across the global energy landscape. Honoring outstanding achievements in the wider energy sector, the event recognized global innovators committed to pursuing net-zero emissions, decarbonization, and equitable energy transition.

The ceremony, which took place at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, attracted leaders, dignitaries, and experts from the fields of energy, technology, and government.

Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and ADIPEC Awards 2023 Juror, emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change and decarbonization challenges and commended the presence of innovative companies and individuals at the awards. Fatema Al Nuaimi, Chairperson of ADIPEC Awards 2023 and Executive Vice President of Downstream Business Management at ADNOC, highlighted the critical role played by the awardees in leading the global energy transition and inspiring others to contribute to a more sustainable global energy system.

The ‘Leader of Change – Passionate Driver of Progress Award’ was presented to Professor Ernest J. Moniz, CEO of the US-based Energy Futures Initiative, who has been a prominent advocate for energy innovation pathways and international security matters. Professor Moniz has worked extensively across academia, research, government, and the non-profit sector to promote climate mitigation and clean energy.

The ‘Young Changemaker of the Year Award’ was given to Lee Kian Seng, Product Manager, Technology Digital Solutions at PETRONAS, Malaysia, in recognition of his role in driving transformative changes within PETRONAS, particularly in the domains of production yield optimization, energy optimization, and plant start-up execution. The ‘Clean Energy Technology Innovation of the Year Award’ went to the UK and Northern Ireland’s Carbon Clean for their innovative CycloneCC technology, which significantly reduces the cost and physical footprint of carbon capture, making it more accessible to industries aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

LanzaTech, a US-based company, received the ‘Decarbonization at Scale Award’ for its innovative carbon capture process deployed at commercial sites in China in partnership with Shougang. This groundbreaking process captures all produced CO2 and transforms it into sustainable fuels and chemicals, effectively reducing emissions and promoting a circular carbon economy.PETRONAS Research, based in Malaysia, was named the ‘ADIPEC Awards Developing Economies Energy Company of the Year’ for their innovative technology solution that captures and monetizes high carbon dioxide fields in developing countries, addressing the issue of stranded natural gas reserves.

The ‘Future Energy Workforce Development Programme Award’ was presented to ADNOC for its collaborative initiative with SLB, which utilizes innovative methodologies and technologies, including artificial intelligence-powered talent analytics, to enhance workforce development in a rapidly evolving labor market.

Israel’s H2Pro received the ‘Transformative Hydrogen Project Award’ for its E-TAC methodology, which achieves an impressive 95% energy efficiency in green hydrogen production, surpassing conventional electrolysis methods that typically achieve 60-70% efficiency. H2Pro’s E-TAC electrolysers are considered a breakthrough in lowering the levelized cost of hydrogen.

The ‘Game-Changing Partnership Award’ recognized the collaboration between ADNOC Onshore and the Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC). This partnership has enabled ADNOC Onshore to source its grid power from renewable energy sources, contributing significantly to the decarbonization of its operations.

This year’s ADIPEC Awards attracted a record-breaking 1,072 entries from 78 countries, showcasing a diverse range of innovations and solutions addressing global challenges related to universal access to cleaner, more secure energy and accelerating the energy transition.

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