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6th Annual High Level Meeting between ICG and BCG on Countering International Illegal Activities at Sea

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The6th Annual High-Level Meeting between the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and the Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) took place today in New Delhi, marking a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts to combat transnational illegal activities at sea and promote regional cooperation. This meeting, conducted on 03 Oct 2023, follows the institutionalized mechanism as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the ICG and BCG.

A four-member delegation from the Bangladesh Coast Guard, led by Director General Rear Admiral Ashraful Hoq Chowdhury arrived in New Delhi on 02 Oct 2023, to participate in the meeting. The high-level discussions were led by Director General Rakesh Pal PTM, TM from the Indian Coast Guard.

The meeting focused on a range of maritime contemporary regional issues, including cross-border fishing, safety of mariners, the adoption of best practices, capacity-building programs, and other collaborative arrangements. Both sides expressed their commitment to enhancing mutual cooperation in addressing these challenges, thereby strengthening the maritime security framework in the region.

As part of the visit, the BCG delegation is scheduled to visit Kolkata from 05 Oct to 06 Oct 2023. During their stay, they will visit M/s Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) shipyard to gain insights into Indian shipbuilding capabilities. Additionally, the delegation will also oversee the operations of the Indian Coast Guard’s 88th Hovercraft Squadron in Haldia, which plays a crucial role in ensuring coastal security and safety.

The visit to Kolkata provides an opportunity for both Coast Guards to exchange knowledge and experiences, further strengthening their cooperation in maritime security and safety efforts.

Following their visit to Kolkata, the BCG delegation will depart for Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 06 Oct 2023, concluding their visit to India.

The 6th Annual ICG-BCG High-Level Meeting underscores the commitment of both the Indian Coast Guard and the Bangladesh Coast Guard to jointly address maritime challenges and foster regional cooperation ultimately contributing to the safety and security of the maritime domain in the region.

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