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ICG’s Grand Cleanlines Drive: Paving the way for Gandhi Jayanti with Swachhta Hi Seva

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New Delhi, 02 Oct 2023: In an inspiring display of dedication to cleanliness and environmental responsibility, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) launched a massive cleanliness drive on 01 October just ahead of the revered Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October 2023. Aligning with Govt. of India’s vision, this initiative falls under the banner of “Swatchta Pakhdawa: Swachta Hi Seva (SHS)-2023.”

“Ek Tarikh – Ek Ghanta – Ek Sath”: Under the resonating motto of “Ek Tarikh – Ek Ghanta – Ek Sath,” the Indian Coast Guard orchestrated a remarkable coast-to-coast mission. This mission aimed to unite people from all walks of life and create awareness about the importance of cleanliness. The drive spanned the entire coastal belt, from the pristine Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the East to the captivating coastal areas of mainland India and the picturesque Lakshadweep Islands in the West.

Eco-Friendly Approach: To emphasize the significance of environmental preservation, the Indian Coast Guard used only biodegradable collection materials during the clean-up drive. This approach not only cleaned the coastal areas but also enhanced their natural beauty, sending a powerful message about the importance of protecting our environment.

Overwhelming Participation and Impact : The Cleanship Drive witnessed an extraordinary show of unity and responsibility. ICG officers, personnel, their families, school children, NGOs, and local communities enthusiastically participated in the mission ‘Swachta’ across India. A total of 22,346 individuals came together, shouldering the responsibility of cleaning their surroundings.

Collectively, they collected a remarkable 16,055 kilograms of garbage in specially designed gunny bags. This act reflects the deep sense of public responsibility towards our environment and echoes the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision for a clean and prosperous India.

The Indian Coast Guard proudly showcases its commitment to environmental preservation and its dedication to the Swachhta Hi Seva (SHS)-2023 initiative. This initiative not only cleaned our coastal regions but also changed our hearts, fostering a sense of unity and responsibility among all participants. Moreover, the Indian Coast Guard ran a social media campaign on official social media with hashtags #SpecialSwachhtaCampaign3.0, #SwachhBharat and  #SwachhtaHiSeva-SHS to motivate youth and then the masses.

In the National Capital Region (Delhi NCR), special cleanliness drives and plantation activities took place at the Indian Coast Guard Headquarters in New Delhi and Noida, led by DG Rakesh Pal, PTM, TM, Director General of the Indian Coast Guard. Officers, Enrolled Personnel, civilian staff, families, and students from Kendriya Vidyalaya actively participated in cleanliness activities in and around ICG office spaces and residential premises from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, aligning with the “Ek Tarikh – Ek Ghanta – Ek Saath” initiative.

The Indian Coast Guard is a multi-mission organization committed to safeguarding India’s maritime interests. It actively supports environmental preservation and upholds the principles of Swachhta Hi Seva (SHS) 2023, aligning with the vision of Mahatma Gandhi for a cleaner and greener India.

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