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Central Railway’s Mumbai Division’s staff cleaned Kakinada Port Exp train within 7 min

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In a remarkable display of precision and coordination, the staff of Central Railway’s Mumbai Division successfully cleaned the Kakinada Port Exp train within a 7-minute timeframe, setting a new standard for efficiency in Indian Railways on the lines of “The 7 Minute Cleaning Miracle” of Japanese Shinkansen (Bullet Train). The trial cleaning was held on Thursday, 28 September, 2023.

This extraordinary feat was accomplished as part of the Swachhta Pakhwada Campaign-2023. The selected train, comprising a total of 20 coaches, arrived at LTT Platform no.3 at 11:18 am, marking the commencement of the operation. Swift and effective action by the security staff ensured the complete deboarding of passengers by 11:30 am, allowing the cleaning staff to board the train promptly at 11:31 am.

Throughout the process, regular announcements were made, urging passengers to refrain from boarding the train and patiently await the completion of the cleaning process. The entire operation, from initiation to completion, was executed with precision and dedication, resulting in the train being ready for passenger boarding by 11:39 am.

The successful execution of this trial was made possible by the combined efforts of 110 cleaning staff, 11 security personnel, 6 commercial staff, and 2 Inspector of Works (IoW) staff. Speaking to Akashvani News, Dr. Shivraj Manaspure, Chief Public Relations Officer, of Central Railways said that Central Railways has planned various Swachhta activities on more than 300 railway stations tomorrow under the 1 Tareekh 1 ghanta Shramdaan. He appealed to citizens to participate actively. 


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