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Hyderabad: ‘Stand tall to make India a superpower’; Says Prof. (Dr.) Saranjit Singh at GITAM

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Prof. (Dr.) Saranjit Singh, Former Dean, Professor & Head, Pharmaceutical Analysis at NIPER, Mohali, Punjab, delivered an inspiring message to young Indians, urging them to stand tall and harness their power to make India a superpower. This call to action took place during a one-day workshop on ‘Pursuit for Inspired Career in Pharma Sector’ held at GITAM School of Pharmacy (GSP) in Hyderabad on September 20, 2023.

During his speech, Prof. Saranjit emphasized the importance of aiming high and not settling for stereotype jobs. He encouraged the budding pharmacists to pursue high-tech and scientific careers, such as innovation R&D, which can lead to a better life. He cautioned against falling into the trap of low-cost labor, reminding the audience that being proficient in English is not enough to secure a prosperous future. He highlighted the abundance of core pharmaceutical jobs available and urged the students to capitalize on this opportunity.

Prof. Saranjit also stressed the need for individual counseling and development of all-round skills in the competitive landscape of the future. He advised the students to prioritize good communication, discipline, and knowledge to excel in their careers.

In addition, Prof. Saranjit emphasized the importance of inspired entrepreneurship and encouraged the students to think outside the box. He proudly mentioned that every third pill consumed in the world is from India and predicted that every third expert in Pharma and Health-related futuristic technologies will also be from India. He urged the students to embrace the startup culture and explore unique possibilities in the industry.

Looking towards the future, Prof. Saranjit discussed the challenges of developing new medicines to prevent or cure currently incurable diseases. He highlighted the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in pharmaceutical research and development, stating that it can help identify and validate new drug targets, improve safety and efficacy assessments, and enhance patient stratification.

The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. P.Hyma, Assistant Professor at GSP, and the guest was felicitated by Prof. G.S.Kumar, Principal of GSP.

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