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Yoga, Meditation have been beneficial for combating Alzheimer’s disease: AIIMS studies

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Studies have shown that yoga and meditation have been beneficial for combating Alzheimer’s disease. 

Speaking to the media, Dr Rima Dada and Dr Manjri Tripathi of  All India Institute of Medical Sciences said that studies by the institute show that Yoga and meditation increase the neuroplasticity of the brain and help in treating the memory loss disease.

Dr Dada highlighted that Yoga and meditation help in the secretion of helpful chemicals such as melatonin, which promotes good sleep. It also helps in reducing the biological age, stress and inflammation when paired with a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga and meditation include asana, pranayam and suryanamaskar. She said, there should be a separate routine for each patient and co-morbidity and needs of the patient must be kept in mind. Dr Tripathi stressed on the importance of early detection.

Any person above the age of forty-five should get themselves tested if they show mild symptoms to prevent permanent damage. Alzheimer’s can be detected by gradual changes in behavior, personality and social cognition.

Untreated depression can also lead to Dementia. While online therapy can help,patients should visit in person time to time for baseline tests such as blood tests.

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