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Libya Flood: Death Toll Passes Five Thousand; More than ten thousand are still missing

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In Libya, at least 5,300 people are presumed dead and more than ten thousand are still missing in the widespread heavy flooding caused by Storm Daniel. Twenty-five percent of Libya’s eastern city of Derna was wiped out after dams burst in a storm.

Over 1,500 bodies have already been recovered by the Emergency workers in Derna alone, and officials expected the death toll to rise further. At least 145 Egyptians were also among those killed due to flood as per the officials.

Meanwhile, some aid has started to arrive, including from Egypt. The US, Germany, Iran, Italy, Qatar and Turkey have also said that they have sent or are ready to send aid.

However, rescue efforts have been hampered by the political situation in Libya, with the country split between two rival governments.

Storm Daniel which struck Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria last week swept in over the Mediterranean on Sunday. The storm is also expected to arrive in parts of west Egypt where the meteorological authorities have warned about possible rain and bad weather.

According to Climate scientists, global warming is the major cause behind this. They have warned that more water evaporating during the summer is leading to more intense storms.

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