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Visakhapatnam Forest Division and Indira Gandhi Zoo Park officials & staff pay tribute to National Forest Martyrs

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On the occasion of National Forest Martyrs Day on 11, September 2023, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam and Forest Department, Visakhapatnam Division paid homage to the brave forest personnel who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

National Forest Martyrs Day aimed to honour the dedication and sacrifice of these brave officers. Shri Srikantha Natha Reddy, IFS, CCF, Visakhapatnam Circle, spoke about the dedication and sacrifice of the forest personnel.

He emphasized the importance of their role in preserving our ecosystems and biodiversity. “The courage and dedication shown by our forest martyrs inspire us all to continue our efforts in conserving our natural resources.

Let us remember and honour their sacrifice by redoubling our commitment to protecting our forests and wildlife. “National Forest Martyrs Day, observed annually on September 11th, serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by forest personnel to protect and conserve our natural heritage.

This day is dedicated to honouring the selfless commitment of forest officers and staff who have laid down their lives while safeguarding the rich biodiversity and ecosystems of our nation, said, Sh. Anant Shankar, IFS, DFO, Visakhapatnam. “Today, we remember and honour the forest martyrs whose sacrifices have inspired us to continue our conservation efforts with unwavering determination.

Their legacy serves as a constant reminder of the challenges we face and the responsibility towards the nature, said Dr. Nandani Salaria, IFS, Curator, IGZP. During the ceremony, two minutes of silence was observed in memory of the fallen forest heroes. Floral tributes were also paid to their memory within the zoo premises.

Assistant Curators Sh. Gopi, Sh. Gopala Naidu, Forest Section Officers Smt. Bharathi, Sh. Rajeswara Rao, Zoo staff, Sh. Ram Naresh, FRO, Visakhapatnam Division, Visakhapatnam forest division staff participated in the event.

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