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The 18th G20 Summit concludes after handing over the Presidency gavel to the President of Brazil

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The 18th G20 Summit successfully concluded in New Delhi on 10th September 2023 with India handing over the Presidency to Brazil. In the closing ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over the ceremonial gavel to the President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Modi expressed confidence that under the Presidency of Brazil, the G20 forum would be able to achieve the common goals. He also proposed a virtual session of the G20 forum at the end of November to review the progress of the agenda decided in this Summit. 
After receiving the gavel, President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva appreciated India’s efforts in leading the G20 presidency saying that India gave the voice to issues of interest to emerging countries. He welcomed the African Union as a full member of the group. 

Speaking during the third session, namely One Future,  Prime Minister Modi raised the issue of reforms in the United Nations Security Council by emphasizing on a new global structure. He also highlighted the need to expand the mandate of Multilateral Development Banks and to develop global standards to regulate crypto currencies. He urged the member nations to work towards the Green Development Pact, Action Plan on Sustainable Development Goals, and Digital Public Infrastructure.
During the G20 Summit, India took several pathbreaking initiatives and decisions under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. One of the important decisions was to include the African Union under the ambit of G20. Apart from this, the Global Biofuel Alliance was launched to intensify the use of biofuels by fostering global cooperation.

Another important decision was the launch of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor and Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment. These initiatives will become an effective medium of economic integration between India, West Asia, and Europe and offer a sustainable direction for global connectivity and development.

During the Summit, the Prime Minister made a special case for adopting a human-centric approach while seeking new solutions to decade-long problems. Mr. Modi also highlighted the importance of technology in development by giving the example of digital public infrastructure.

India’s Presidency achieved the herculean tasks bringing all the nations together on the same page on several key issues. G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration was adopted unanimously which reflects the growing stature of India at the world stage.
The G20 Summit showcased the power of the country on the diplomatic and leadership front but the event also became a platform to show the cultural legacy and soft power of the country.
The theme of the ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ to the venue name ‘Bharat Mandapam’ and from the Natraj statue to the Konark Chakra, the Indian culture and symbols got prominence in the G20 summit showcasing the soft power of the country.

The iconic Konark Sun Temple wheel took centre stage at the G20 Summit as its replica served as the backdrop for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s welcome handshake with delegates. The PM also explained the importance of it to many state heads.

A picture gallery at Mandapam on the rich heritage and history of democracy in the country explained to the world leaders why India says that it is the mother of democracy. The Natraj statue, poses of Yoga depicted on the walls and Musical evening with flavor of Indian classical and folk music and rare instruments presented the rich legacy of the country. 

Khadi marked its presence around the neck of the world leaders at Rajghat and the handicraft and special items of different states were major attractions among the delegates.  No wonder that the spouse of the PM of Japan chose Sari as her attire to attend the State dinner party.


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