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Hyderabad: GITAM Addresses Challenges and Opportunities in Small Molecule Drug Discovery: Dr. Nandan Kumar, CEO ISPL

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Dr. Nandan Kumar Duddukuri, CEO/Founder of Innatura Scientific Pvt. Ltd., shared valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities in the field of small molecule drug discovery during his guest lecture at GITAM School of Pharmacy on September 8, 2023.

Dr. Duddukuri highlighted several key points including the high cost and lengthy process of bringing new drugs to market, the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, and the urgent need to develop new drugs for currently untreatable diseases. He emphasized the importance of exploring the PRODACT’s area, which offers significant funding opportunities for budding pharmacists.

In his address, Dr. Duddukuri advised students to pursue further studies and gain awareness in PRODACT’s, and encouraged them to connect with the scientific community in fields such as biology and medicinal chemistry. He emphasized that investing in PRODACT’s could pave the way for future disease cures.


Prior to Dr. Duddukuri’s lecture, Prof. G.S. Kumar, Principal of GITAM School of Pharmacy, delivered a warm welcome note and felicitated the esteemed guest.


Sreeja Sreekanth, Research Scholar and Dooradarsan ‘B’ Grade Artist performed ‘Mohiniyattam’ at GITAM School of Humanities and Social Sciences on Friday. Anandhu Murali (Vocal), T.Akshaya (Nattuvangam), and Sreekanth Viswanathan (Mridangam) supported the dance.

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