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Gujarat records significant rise in coconut production

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Gujarat has recorded a significant rise in coconut production. Nearly 4,500 hectares of land was added to coconut cultivation in the State over the past decade.

The State government has launched the Gujarat Coconut Development Programme with a dedicated budgetary allocation to accelerate coconut production in the State. 

With the longest coastline in the country, Gujarat has recorded a significant increase in both production and cultivation of coconuts over a decade. In 2012-13, the State had around 21 thousand hectares of land dedicated to coconut cultivation, which has escalated to over 25 thousand hectares as of 2022-23.

The State Director of Horticulture P.M Vaghasia, said with various initiatives and schemes, the government is providing financial assistance to coconut cultivating farmers. At present, over 21 crore riped coconuts are being produced in the State.

He also added that 33 per cent of total coconut production in the state is exported to Northern States including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. 

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