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UK Air traffic issue fixed but significant flight backlog remains: NATS

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Britain’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS) said that they have fixed the issue that has caused a network-wide failure but a significant flight backlog remains. It said, the issue with UK Air traffic control system was ‘identified and remedied’.
However, Media reports said, that hundreds of thousands of airline passengers face potential delays and cancellations today, which is a bank holiday in the UK, and one of the busiest days of the year for travel. Passengers on flights from countries all over Europe have been advised of long delays.

This will have a knock-on effect as airports get clogged up with flights that are not authorised to take off. Passengers have taken to social media, with many saying there is little information available other than that their flight is delayed by several hours.
Earlier, the NATS said, a technical issue was affecting its ability to automatically process flight plans. NATS said, it had applied restrictions to traffic flow for safety. They added they were working to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Several airports across the UK, and airlines have all warned passengers of delays or cancellations to flights.

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