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Hyderabad: One crore tree planting program under HMWSSB

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MD Danakishore planted the saplings

Mr. Danakishore MD, HMWSSB planted saplings at the Himayat Sagar garden in Hyderabad on Saturday as part of the one crore tree plantation program at the end of India’s independence diamond celebrations.

He said that HMWSSB is working hard to grow forests in the Miyawaki method to protect the endangered forest species. He said that saplings are already being planted in many empty areas within the boundaries of the board. It is mentioned that we are following this procedure to plant more plants in less area. It is said that due to the cultivation of plants, the rainfall is increased along with clean air. He also explained that the greenery will increase and the temperatures will also decrease.

Already many plants are protected

The mini forest in HMWSSB Garden already has Ravi, Badam, Allaneredu, Kanuga, Aegisa, Amla, Tani, Guava, Sampangi, Sitafal, Boruga, Jitregi, Bamboo, Nemalinara, Moduga, Ippa, Marri, Bahinia, Maddi, Chintaditar etc. are increasing.

Already in Mallaram, Kondapaka fresh water treatment centers, Osman Sagar Watershed Park, Himayat Sagar Watershed Garden, Amber Pate STP and other areas, 10 thousand plants are being protected in this Miyawaki method in one hectare.

Akira Miyawaki, an ecologist from Japan, attracted world attention by developing a mini forest with more plants in a small area in scientific research in 1990. Miyawaki’s approach is to grow as many plants as possible, like a dense forest of old.

Executive Director. Dr. M. Satya Narayana, ENC, Program Director – 1 Ajmira Krishna, Project Director Shri D. R. Babu, Director of Finance Mr. Vasudeva Naidu, Director of Apprations – 2 Mr. Swamy, CGMs Vinod Bharga V, Vijaya Rao, DFO Mohan, Forest Plantation Cell Officers Mutyala Reddy, RV, GMs and officers participated.

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