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AIIMS Doctor warns against using steroids for eye treatment

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As cases of Conjunctivitis (eye flu) are rising in North India including the national capital Delhi, the senior doctor in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences-AIIMS have warned against using steroids for eye treatment.

Dr. JS Titiyal, head of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ophthalmology Center of AIIMS, said that after two weeks of using steroid-containing eye drops in the eyes, there is a risk of developing spots on the cornea and increasing eye pressure.

He added that AIIMS has not included steroids in its treatment protocol and it should be given to patients only when absolutely necessary. Dr. JS Titiyal said that by giving steroids, patients may get quick relief but later there is a risk of damage to the eyes and weakening of the light.

Over the use of antibiotics, he said that it should also be used in a proper way. Dr. Rajendra Prasad also advised the people not to apply the same eye drop, if there were more affected people in the same family. Mr JS Titiyal added that there is a risk of cross-infection and every patient should use different eye drops. 

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