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People’s singer Gaddar dies at 74: Due to prolonged illiness: CM Jgan shocked

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Famous singer, poet, and revolutionary activist Gummadi Vittal Rao, popularly known as Gaddar, breathed his last today. As per the reports, Gaddar has been undergoing treatment in Apollo Hospital for the past few days.

Gaddar has been suffering from heart disease, and he passed away today. Born in 1948, Gaddar has been active in the Naxalite movement till 2010. He then joined the Telangana movement. Gaddar fought for the rights of backward casts and Dalits in Telangana. Through his songs, Gaddar became the voice of the voiceless.

In 2011 Gaddar received Nandi Award for the song he crooned in the Jai Bholo Telangana film. The news about the demise of Gaddar shocked the netizens, and they are expressing their condolences. We at 123Telugu express our condolences to the family of Gaddar in these times of distress.

CM YS Jagan shocked at the death of public poet Gaddar

Andhra Pradesh: Chief Minister Shri YS Jagan expressed shock over the death of public poet Gaddar. Gaddar was a public poet-singer and revolutionary spirit of the weaker sections.

Gaddar song is always accompanied by social reforms. He always lived for social justice. The CM said that his death was unexpected.

The thoughts, words and lives of social justice prophets will live on and inspire forever. The entire Telugu race is saluting Gaddar. The CM appealed to his family members to stay with us all during this difficult time.

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