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Telangana: Nationwide appreciation for Harithaharam: Minister Indrakaran Reddy at Assembly

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Mr. Allola. Indrakaran Reddy, Minister of Forests and Environment said that the Harithaharam program which was undertaken by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has been praised throughout the country. Minister Indrakaran Reddy answered the questions asked by MLAs Guvvala Balaraju, Korukanti Chander and Sanampudi Saidireddy in the Legislative Assembly on the increase of greenery. The measures taken by the government on this occasion have been explained.

He said that the Harithaharam which was undertaken by CM KCR is continuing successfully and the forest area in the state has increased significantly in eight years. He said that the Forest Survey of India has announced that there has been an increase of 7.7% of greenery in the state of Telangana from 2015 to 2021.

There is a cumulative increase in green cover of 1,721 square kilometers (4,25,259 acres). He explained that 284 crore saplings have been planted and 13.44 lakh acres of extinct forests have been revived through the Harithaharam programme.

As a part of greening, many innovative schemes like Haritha Budget and Haritha Nidhi are being introduced and implemented.

Detailed Progress

• Saplings planted across the state so far: 283.82 crores

• Expenditure so far for maintenance of Harithaharam: Rs. 11,095 crores

•Block Plantation Completed: 2.03 Lakhs

• Restoration of degraded forest areas: 13.44 lakhs

Excavation of trenches around forest areas: 10,980 km

• Avenue Plantation: 8,206 Kms

 •Urban Forest Parks: 109

•Urban Forest Parks made available to public: 73

Green Forests:

•Total green forests: 164

•Progress through Green Forests: 1.71 lakh acres

•Total trees planted in green forests (by 2023): 1.16 crores


• Nurseries set up across the state (2023): 14,864

• Seedlings grown in nurseries (2023): 30.29 crores

 •Saplings planted in the current season (2023), planting target: 19.29 crores

• Saplings planted so far: 9. 02 crores

•Planting target for the coming season (2024): 20.02 crores

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