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Hyderabad: OYO’s Chief Growth Officer inspires students to embrace entrepreneurship & innovation at GITAM

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Raising money for a startup is easy with commitment, traction, clarity and experimenting beyond campus, shares Kavikrut, Chief Growth Officer at OYO while speaking at GITAM Conversations

Mr. Kavikrut, the Chief Growth Officer at OYO, addressed the students at GITAM (Deemed to be University), Hyderabad campus on Friday, inspiring them with his personal and professional experiences. While speaking at GITAM Conversations, he emphasized that raising funds for a startup comes effortless when there is unwavering commitment, clear thinking, and initial traction.

During the interactive session, Kavikrut stressed the importance of execution over mere ideas. He urged students to step outside the campus, engage with potential customers, partners, and sellers, and start experimenting with their concepts. Analyzing competitors and seeking inspiration from analogies can unlock valuable insights and opportunities.

Reflecting on OYO’s journey, Kavikrut highlighted the significance of learning from failures and embracing continuous experimentation. ‘Accept failures gracefully, keep learning, and maintain a balanced approach’, he advised.

Kavikrut shared his diverse career path, revealing that while his passion lay in computer engineering, he ventured into finance and early business learning. He emphasized the need for students to manage social media wisely.

GITAM Conversations is a platform for innovative leaders to share their life journey and learnings with the students. OYO’s success lies in leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences, offering predictability in an ever-changing hospitality landscape. They aim to revolutionize hotel rankings by integrating customer reviews into their platform.

The session left the budding entrepreneurs inspired and motivated to explore the world outside the campus, armed with a clear vision and a zeal for innovation.

Smita Sharma, Visiting Faculty at Kautilya School of Public Policy, moderated the event, and Prof. A. Vinay Kumar, Director of GITAM School of Business, felicitated Kavikrut during the event.

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