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All set for Lunar Orbit Injection of Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft tomorrow

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Indian Space Research Organisation says it is all set for the Lunar Orbit Injection of Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft on Saturday at 7 pm. The spacecraft to the moon has covered about two-thirds of the distance to the moon.

After lunar orbit injection, the spacecraft is slated to orbit the Moon multiple times, gradually approaching the Moon. Once it reaches a 100-km orbit above the lunar surface, the lander and rover will be detached and maneuvered to soft land on the surface of the moon.

The spacecraft is expected to complete a 40-day journey to make a soft landing near the Moon’s south pole around August 23rd. India will be the fourth country to achieve this feat and the first to land softly near the lunar south pole. Chandrayaan 3 was launched on July 14 by GSLV Mark III launcher.

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