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Singareni to launch four new coal mines in December: Additional 200 lakh tonnes of coal production: CMD N. Sridhar

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Mr. N. Sridhar, CMD SCCL directed that the four open cast mines to be undertaken by the Singareni company should be started by December 31st and to achieve the target production of 200 lakh tonnes of coal from these projects next year. He held a high-level review meeting on the new mines to be undertaken by the Singareni at Singareni Bhavan in Hyderabad today.

Speaking on this occasion, he reviewed at length all aspects related to Naini Coal (Odisha), VK Coal Mine (Kottagudem Area), Romped Open Cast (Illandu Area), Goleti Open Cast (Bellampalli Area) which are to be started at the end of this financial year.

In the background of receiving all the permissions for the Naini coal block in the state of Odisha, the CHP to be constructed there, the railway siding to be constructed from the main railway line to the CHP, the contract work related to the transportation of the coal being produced from the end of this year to the railway siding and other issues were discussed.

He explained that soon he and the directors will meet the Odisha authorities to discuss the remaining issues of R&R and tree removal. It has been clarified that all these works will be completed by December, production should start from January and next year the mine will have to produce 100 lakh tonnes of coal.

The CMD said that the VK Coal Mine to be opened in Kothagudem and the Rompedu open cast mines to be opened in Illendu area should be achieved by October. It has been clarified that the production should start from December in these mines as well.

It has been clarified that next year 40 lakh tonnes of coal will be produced from VK coal mine and 20 lakh tonnes of coal from Rompedu open cast mine.

Regarding the Goleti open cast mine, efforts should be made from now for the forest permits which are yet to be received from the government, and production from this mine should also start from next January, and 35 lakh tonnes should be produced next year.

He said the additional production of 200 lakh tonnes next year from these four mines will reach the highest level of Singareni production targets.

Singareni Directors and Area General Managers should consult with the District Collectors under their jurisdiction regarding the government permissions related to these mines from time to time and obtain them promptly.

He said that the necessary contract work has already been handed over for the removal of overburden in relation to the new mines, and permissions for the remaining machinery and other issues will be given immediately.

The CMD directed that senior officers and general managers in the area should work as a team to secure all the remaining permissions in advance to start the new mines on schedule.

In this meeting the directors Mr. N. Balaram (Finance and Personnel), Mr. N.V.K. Srinivas (Operations), Sri G.Venkateshwar Reddy (Planning and Projects), Advisor Mining Sri D.N. Prasad, Advisor Forestry Mr. Surendra Pandey, Executive Director Coal Momentum Mr. J. Alvin, General Manager Coordination Mr. M. Suresh, Corporate General Managers Mr. Jakkam Ramesh (CPP), GM(PP) Mr. Saibabu, Corporate GMs, Area General Managers participated.

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