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Govt gives 6 months time to pharma companies with over Rs 250 Cr turnover to adopt good manufacturing practices.

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The Government has asked Pharma companies to adopt good manufacturing practices to ensure the manufacturing of quality drugs. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is mandatory standards that bring quality into the product by way of control of materials, methods, machine, and processes. 

The Union Health Ministry has given six months’ time to those Pharma companies with turnover of more than 250 crore rupees to adopt Good Manufacturing Practices and those with less than 250 crore rupees have been given 12 months. The Ministry said, the Government has taken this decision to produce quality medicine in the country.  

There are around ten thousand 500 manufacturing units in the country out of which around eight thousand 500 fall under the MSME category. India is a major exporter of medicines to low and middle-income (LMIC) countries which require WHO Good Manufacturing Practices certification. The Ministry said, currently around two thousand units in the MSME category in the country have WHO Good Manufacturing Practices certification. In case of non-compliance with this order, a penalty will be imposed and the license can be suspended

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