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Singareni: Preemptive measures to avoid disruption of coal production, transport due to rains: CMD Sridhar

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Production of 1.90 lakh tonnes of coal and transportation of 1.95 lakh tonnes of coal per day

Overburden of 14 lakh cubic meters per day should be removed

Mr. N. Sridhar, Chairman and MD of SCCL, directed to take adequate precautions to ensure that coal production does not stop due to rains and to take strong measures in area wise without any disruption in coal supply to thermal power stations in Telangana and other states.

He held a special review meeting today from Singareni Bhavan in Hyderabad with the company’s directors, advisors and general managers of all areas on coal production and transportation.

He reviewed the precautions taken in the areas so that the production of coal is not hampered due to heavy rains. It has been suggested that more pumps should be arranged in advance to flush out the standing water in the open cast mines and be ready to resume production within a few hours after the rain.

In the month of August, at least 1.90 lakh tonnes of coal production, 1.95 lakh tonnes of coal transport, at least 14 lakh cubic meters of overburden should be removed per day and the GMs of the areas have been ordered to take appropriate actions in a planned manner.

It has been ordered to keep at least one percent of coal i.e. five lakh tonnes of coal as stock for the supply of coal from Singareni so that power generation in thermal power stations can continue uninterrupted even in heavy rains.

He instructed the directors to immediately provide new machines required by area and to resolve all the problems related to production immediately.

The overburden removal contracts have already been finalized in relation to the open cast mines in all the areas and the GMs of the areas should take special initiative to remove the overburden according to the specified targets with the respective contractors. He also issued instructions to take appropriate action against those who fail to achieve the overburden targets.

In the background of frequent problems arising in the Adriala Long Wall underground mine, he issued orders to create a strong action towards a permanent solution.

He called to achieve the specified daily coal production and coal transportation targets as soon as the rains recede and to cross the production target of at least 720 lakh tonnes by the end of this financial year. He asked the area GMs to take special initiative to start new mines on time.

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