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Indian Coast Guard rescued research vessel RV Sindhu Sadhna along with 36 crew on board

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In a remarkable display of swift and efficient response, the Indian Coast Guard successfully averted a potential environmental disaster today when they rescued a research ship of National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) that suffered engine failure and was drifting perilously close to Karwar, with eight esteemed scientists and total crew 36 on board.

The vessel, named RV Sindhu Sadhana had been adrift view engine failure at a speed of 03 knots and was approximately 20 nautical miles from the land when the distress signal was received.

The situation was critical, as the NIO, a state-of-the-art research vessel, was carrying valuable scientific equipment and research data. Moreover, the proximity of the ship to the ecologically sensitive Karwar coastline posed an imminent threat of grounding, which could have resulted in a major oil spill and devastating pollution to the pristine marine environment.

Upon receiving the distress call, the Indian Coast Guard immediately swung into action and activated a high-priority rescue operation, dispatching their highly advanced Ship with skilled team to the area. Recognizing the potential magnitude of the disaster, the Indian Coast Guard got activated to safeguard the Ship so as to protect the fragile ecosystem, and save the vessel from running aground.

Despite challenging weather conditions and the vessel’s considerable distance from the coastline and size of the ship, the Indian Coast Guard team took the Ship under tow for safely bringing Ship to Goa, thereby executed a seamless rescue operation. The crew onboard the NIO ship is safe and sound.

The Indian Coast Guard remains committed to ensuring the safety of maritime seafarers in the region and safeguarding the pristine marine ecosystems. Their rapid response and strategic coordination have once again proven their unwavering commitment to protecting both human life and the environment.

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