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India’s Presidency produced rich documentation in form of compilations of best practices and technical documents: MEFCC Secy Leena Nandan

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As the ECSWG draws to a close with this final meeting at Chennai over the next three days Ms. Leena Nandan, Secretary of MEFCC, expressed her gratitude to the delegates from all G20 countries, invited nations and international organisations who have contributed immensely towards the outcomes of this working group.

She stated that besides the Outcome document, the Indian Presidency under this working group has produced rich documentation in the form of compendiums of best practices, and technical documents.

Furthermore, the sessions of today and tomorrow have been planned with a view to discuss the ECSWG Outcome document, and in order to best optimize the available time, parallel discussions for climate and environment have been organized.

She stressed the need to consolidate the collective hard work till now, to aid our Ministers in shaping an Ambitious, Inclusive, Action-Oriented and Decisive Statement of Intent at the Ministerial meeting of 28 July, that well represents the leadership position of the G20 nations to the rest of the world.

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