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ISRO demonstrated its commitment to fostering space ecosystem in India by launching successful rocket-engine test

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ISRO demonstrated its commitment to fostering the space ecosystem in India by enabling a successful rocket-engine test conducted by Skyroot, a Hyderabad-based space start-up, at ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC) Mahendragiri.

The test took place in the Liquid Thruster Test Facility (LTTF) in IPRC. The testing was enabled by IN-SPACe.

The test involved the Raman-II engine, which was designed by Skyroot to generate 820 N (Sea Level) and 1460 N (Vacuum) thrust, with a nominal chamber pressure of 8.5 bar absolute.

The regeneratively cooled engine, manufactured through additive manufacturing techniques, utilizes Mono Methyl Hydrazine and Nitrogen Tetroxide as propellants.

The 10-second duration test achieved the expected performance in terms of start transient, steady state, and shut-off. Skyroot intends to integrate the Raman-II engine into the fourth stage of its launch vehicle,

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