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Hyderabad: Flood surge to Himayat Sagar: Lifting of 6 gates

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The Himayat Sagar reservoir, one of the twin reservoirs, continues to be flooded due to two days of rain. Six gates have been lifted in the background where the reservoir has already become full. Flood water is being released downstream.

While two gates were raised yesterday (Friday), the Jal Mandal officials are releasing water by raising two gates at 10 am and two more gates at 1 pm.

With this, a total of 4120 cusecs of flood water is being released into the Musi below through 6 gates of the entire reservoir.

On the other hand, 300 cusecs of water is coming to Usman Sagar (Gandipet) reservoir. The total capacity of the reservoir is 3.9 TMC and currently 2,980 TMC. The full level water level is 1790 feet.. Currently it is 1785.85 feet.

Himayat Sagar Reservoir Details: (Upto 6 PM on Saturday)

Full water level : 1763.50 feet

Current water level : 1763.25 feet

Full Capacity of Reservoir : 2.970 TMCs

Current Capacity : 2.875 TMCs

In flow : 3500 cusecs

Out flow : 4120 cusecs

Total number of gates : 17

Number of Raised Gates : 06

Usman Sagar (Gandipet) Reservoir Details:

Full water level : 1790.00 feet

Current water level : 1785.85 feet

Full Capacity of Reservoir : 3,900 TMCs

Current Capacity : 2.980 TMCs

In flow : 300 cusecs

Out flow : 0 cusecs

Total number of gates : 13

Number of Raised Gates : 0

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