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Hyderabad: New Technology is disruptive & disturbs: Says TRAI Chairman Dr. P.D. Vaghela at GITAM

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‘New technology will come and it is very disruptive. It comes out with new products and it also disturbs the present players’ said Dr. P.D. Vaghela, Chairman, Telecom Regulative Authority of India (TRAI). He along with his secretary V.Raghunandan interacted with GITAM, Hyderabad faculty on 21st July 2023.

‘If you cannot concentrate on research, we cannot play in the international value change system. In this system, India’s position is not very much strong. Because of the basic research in communication and broadcasting, we are not very strong. When in the implemental research, we are very strong’ he explained.

He made it clear that TRAI is a regulating authority, but the tariffs are left to the market players. If any new services or new players are introduced, then only TRAI makes recommendations to the Government.

While speaking on Artificial Intelligence (AI), he narrated that we are one of the few countries in the world, that proposed a comprehensive ecosystem in AI. It can also help in education and health. It has immense benefits. India entering AI, AR, VR, Robotics, Machine to machine, handle it very well. There are so issues also, very negative and adverse effect on the society. We have tried to balance between the two aspects of positivity and the negatives. Any new technology comes, we will start to study.

While speaking on India’s digital economy he said that, digitalization of the economy and society is evocable. It is only increase. Today the digital economy constitutes about 15 per cent of the total economy. Another 5 to 10 years you can watch the sea change. We have done the wonders in the last ten years in the communication sector; the world is talking about it.

We are the second largest telecom sector in the world. Our digital India program is nine verticals, and developing the communication infrastructure. Empowering the people in the form of applications (UPI) and many other applications. Today world’s 40 per cent of the digital transactions every day is happening in India. Three years before, India was nowhere. About 20 countries have decided to have to implement UPI.

Digitalization of the economy and the society is going to impact our everyday lives, fack videos and messages etc. India is doing lot of achievements in respect to communication, technology etc. India is always an important player in the world, because of our achievements in communication field and getting high respect. India is helping so many countries, like SHART, African and European countries, Dr. Vaghela told.

We have developed 4G technology and 5G & 6G also. India assumes in the leadership position. 4G technology allows the venders digital transactions that are part of digital economy. Digital economy does not wait for any one. The people will not be able to exploit in the digital world. It you cannot help them, the digital exclusion will be increased.

The people should have the appropriate devises, like 5G enable mobiles and the connectivity in the affordable. We are doing lot of research in the space of applications, which can be used by students, farmers and the fishermen etc. That is the bigger challenge for TRAI. In the next five years, we need to develop the huge number of applications for the varies types of citizens, the TRAI Chairman elaborated. He along with his secretary answered many questions raised by the faculty.

Earlier, the TRAI Chair and Secretary paid floral tributes to the father of the nation Gandhiji. Later, they gone through wind turbines of the Indo-Korean project supported by the Government of Korea in association with Esco-RTS and Archimedes Green Energys (P) Ltd.

This project is for monitoring wind data and comparing the performance of Indian and Korean models. GITAM is addressing the technical aspects associated with wind turbines and analyzing the wind data from all over the world wherever Archimedes Wind Turbines are placed.

Prof. V.R.Sastry, Dean, Core Engineering, GITAM and DVVSR Varma, Resident Director welcomed the guests. Prof. P. Srinivas, HoD, Mechanical Engineering coordinated this program, and V.K. Sridhar, Assistant Professor gave a presentation on the wind turbines project. Surya Prakash Gajjala, CEO & MD, Archimedes Green Energys (P) Ltd. also accompanied the TRAI team.

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