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International Pineapple Day celebrated across the country

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On International Pineapple Day today, we have a report on pineapple production in the northeastern state of Tripura. One of the finest varieties of pineapple called Queen Pineapple is particularly grown in Tripura. Apart from Queen, another famous variety of pineapple that is grown in the state is Queue. Tripura has been cultivating Queen Pineapple which has a great demand in markets. 
It was five years ago when then President Ram Nath Kovind who had visited Tripura had declared Queen Pineapple as the state fruit. Tripura earns the distinction of being the largest producer of Queen Pineapple in the country.

Some of the key features of Queen Pineapple that differentiate it from other varieties of pineapples are its pleasant aroma, succulent taste, and lightweight. Phani Bhusan Jamatia, director of the state’s Horticulture Department said the demand for queen pineapple is very high among the buyers.

According to him, when foreign guests visit Tripura, they are welcomed by offering queen pineapple. Tripura’s queen pineapple also has a good market in Delhi.

The government has taken several steps in the farmer welfare program to increase pineapple production in the state. He said that for the last five years, financial assistance under horticulture mission scheme is being given to the producers of pineapple plantation.

Besides, with Agartala Airport being included under the ‘Krishi Udan 2’ scheme by the central government, pineapple growers of the state are able to send pineapples in bulk/ consignment outside the state at low cost. According to official figures, In 2021-22, 11,505 hectares of pineapple were cultivated in the state. Of this, 35 percent of the pineapples grown in the state are the Queen variety and 65 percent are the Queue variety.

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