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Visakhapatnam: Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Animal Health Committee reviews wild animals health matters today

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The Animal Health Committee of the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) meeting was held today to discuss various agenda items related to the well-being and health of the animals of the zoo.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Nandani Salaria, Curator, IGZP and convened by VAS, IGZP along with the committee members which mainly was a team of Senior Veterinarians led by Dr. Navin Kumar, Retired Deputy Director, Nehru Zoological Park (NZP), Hyderabad. The committee convenes this meeting periodically to review the health status of the animals and propose measures for their overall well-being.

During the meeting, Dr. Navin Kumar shared valuable insights on best practices and protocols to enhance the health management of the animals in the zoo. The committee members engaged in discussions on various topics, including nutrition, preventive healthcare, veterinary treatment, and enrichment activities for the animals.

The committee members visited all the animal enclosures and closely observed the animals’ behaviour, evaluated the living conditions, and interacted with the dedicated zoo staff responsible for their daily care. Dr. A. Phaneendra, VAS, IGZP explained to the committee about various health measures taken by Zoo veterinary team and about regular health check-ups.

The committee members expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by the zoo personnel in maintaining a clean and stimulating environment for the animals. Dr. Navin Kumar emphasized the importance of regular health check-ups, vaccination programs, and maintaining a balanced diet for the animals. Assistant curators Sh. Gopi, Sh. Gopala Naidu, Forest Section Officers Sh. Rajeshwara Rao, Smt. Bharathi, Zoo veterinarian Sh. Phaneendra, Jr. Veterinarian Sh. Purushottam participated in the program.

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