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Singareni sets up yoga centres across mines on IDY: Physical and mental health through yoga practice: GM M. Suresh

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Mr. M. Suresh, GM (Co-Ordination) said that by practicing yoga regularly, everyone can get physical and mental health.. This has been proven in the practice of millions of people. He spoke as the chief guest at the International Yoga Day held at Singareni Bhawan, Hyderabad today.

He said that the Singareni organization pays special attention to the health of the workers, provides state-of-the-art medical services and also organizes yoga centers in all areas. He mentioned that Singareni was the organization that set up yoga centers in all the mines almost two decades ago.

He said that in today’s modern times everyone is under stress and to reduce this stress and live a happy and healthy life everyone should practice yoga regularly and make it one of our daily activities. It is explained that diseases like BP and sugar are also reduced by practicing yoga and yoga is said to be a tool for the prevention of many diseases. Practicing yoga for at least an hour every day will help the body to work energetically along with the mind.

Before the International Yoga Day, Yoga preparation programs were conducted for one hundred days, as part of which Sri Ramachandra Mission conducted yoga training programs and trained the employees in Sudarshana Kriya through Art of Living. Appreciating the cooperation provided by the management, everyone is called to practice yoga.

In the program, General Secretary of the Association of Officers Mr. N.V. Rajasekhara Rao said. He also explained the importance of yoga and the scientific values ​​involved in it. Administrative Manager Mr. N. Bhaskar, heads of various departments, officers and employees participated in the program.

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