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Indian Coast Guard celebrated International Day of Yoga with enthusiasm

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Noida, 21 Jun 23, International Yoga Day, wascelebrated across the globe to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the Yogic practices. International Yoga Day 2023 witnessed an exceptional participation at Delhi NCRby Coast Guard fraternity where more than 500 enthusiasts joined, demonstrating their commitment not only to safeguarding the nation’s vast coast line but also towards fostering a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Towards run up for International Yoga Day 2023, the Indian Coast Guard wholeheartedly embraced the spirit by organizing various  sessions  PAN India and sharing updates with Ayush Mantralaya. The participation was not only limited to their own personnel, their families and the public associated but also the fisher folk, neighbors and stakeholders also joined in large number at various locations.

The aim was to create awareness about Yoga’s holistic benefits, debunk any misconceptions, and inspire people to make Yoga a part of their daily lives.

It is imperative for Coast Guard Personnel to maintain excellent physical fitness and mental resilience & this is where Yoga plays a crucial role. The inclusion of Yoga in their routine has greatly benefited the personnel not only for their physical endurance but also in managing stress and enhancing mental clarity.

The practice of Yoga has enabled the Coast Guard Personnel to maintain their peak performance levels and stay calm and composed even in challenging situations at sea. The Indian Coast Guard’s participation in International Yoga Day 2023 showcased their commitment to holistic development and well-being.

The Indian Coast Guard’s active involvement in International Yoga Day sends a powerful message of their commitment towards protecting not only India’s coastline but also the well-being of their personnel and the society they serve.

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