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G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group takes an in-depth view on carbon reduction

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The G 20 sustainable finance working group had a side event on policy measures and financial instruments for catalyzing the rapid development and deployment of green and low-carbon technologies today.
After the inaugural session, the participants gathered to take a deeper view of the various aspects relating to the reduction of carbon emissions and related initiatives.

The participants expressed that the goals of climate change should include partnerships at all levels. The aspect of clean energy and the importance to address ecological issues with regard to developing and developed countries were put forth.
Prior to the formal G 20 sustainable finance working group, a round table discussion was held yesterday. The round table recognized the role of public finance in increasing climate investments while emphasizing the need for scaling up private finance through policy, regulatory and market-making measures, creating a better enabling environment for innovation and deployment of low-carbon technologies.
Livia Oliveira, the representative from Ministry of Finance, Brazil said that energy transition is gaining importance in the G20 sustainable finance development working group.

She said that developing countries have several challenges to face and suffer from the consequences of climate change. Brazil’s relationship with India is super strategic and appreciated India for achieving some of its sustainable development goals.

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