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Singareni Medical Board highly transparent and impartial in compassionate appointments: Director N. Balaram

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60-70% of patients are medically fit

Clarification by Director (Finance and PA) Shri N.Balaram in High Level Review of Medical Board

Mr. N. Balaram, Director (Finance, Pa) stated that the compassionate appointments process was undertaken from 2018 keeping in mind the interests of the Singareni workers with the initiative of Singareni Sansdha C&MD Mr. N. Sridhar on the orders of Telangana State Chief Minister Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao. As a part of this, the management is conducting a medical board in a very transparent and impartial manner for the employees who fell ill while working in the Singareni Company.

A high-level review meeting of the Singareni Medical Board was held at Kottagudem today evening. Chief Medical Officer Mr. B.V. Rao, GM (Personnel) Mr. K. Basavaiah (Welfare, RC), Mr. A. Kumar Reddy (EE, CSR), GM (Vigilance) Mr. Prasada Rao participated.

On this occasion, Director Balaram said that the management is committed to the medical board and will not ignore any fraud. Workers / employees are advised to boldly appear before the Medical Board without succumbing to any temptation if their illness / disease is really diagnosed. It has been clarified that the list of medical board candidates will be selected in jumble method and the list will be released 2 days in advance in a very confidential manner.

In the same way, he reminded that the medical board is being conducted with non-Singareni (outside) doctors decided by DMHO and not with local doctors so as to ensure that there are no irregularities in the medical board.

The medical board also thoroughly examines the candidates and diagnoses them, and 60%-70% of the workers who are diagnosed by the committee doctors as suffering from orthopedic and heart diseases are said to be medically fit.

It is explained that this medical board process will be conducted by a team of Telangana State Medical College professors in an impartial, legal, security-vigilant and video camera surveillance.

Employees and their family members are advised not to be fooled by middlemen / brokers. The workers/employees are advised not to take any wrong way if their illness is genuine.

Workers/employees are advised to boldly attend the Medical Board and submit their medical reports. He called upon them to attend the medical board honestly without succumbing to any temptations and not resorting to anyone.

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