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Hyderabad: Harvard World Record to Vamsi (GITAM)

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Devaraju Vamsi Krishnam Raju, CSE (AI & ML) Second-year student, at GITAM School of Technology, Hyderabad has been recognized by the Harvard World Records, London for his work on an AI Conversational Bot, which he named ‘Adhvika’.

The Adhvika AI Conversational Bot is a remarkable innovation that leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate natural and engaging conversations. It is a groundbreaking voice assistant equipped with its own advanced language model, designed to revolutionize the way we manage our tasks and boost our productivity. With extensive capabilities, Adhvika seamlessly integrates into our daily routine to simplify various tasks and enhance efficiency.

From composing and sending emails to setting reminders and managing task schedules, Adhvika is our trusted companion. Say goodbye to manual typing and let Adhvika take care of drafting emails with impeccable precision, allowing you to focus on the content and ensure effective communication. Whether it’s a Word document or a PDF, simply dictate our thoughts, and Adhvika will transform them into well-structured and professionally formatted files, saves valuable time and effort.

Adhvika can also assist with organizing our daily agenda, tracking appointments, and setting timely reminders, ensuring us never miss an important meeting or deadline again. With its intuitive interface and intelligent algorithms, Adhvika seamlessly adapts to our preferences and optimizes our schedule for maximum productivity.

Moreover, Adhvika continuously learns from our interactions, understanding our unique writing style, vocabulary, and preferences over time. This allows it to provide increasingly accurate suggestions and personalized recommendations tailored specifically to our needs, making it a truly indispensable companion for both personal and professional use.

With Adhvika as our voice assistant, harness the power of cutting-edge natural language processing technology to streamline your workflow and accomplish more in less time. Experience the future of productivity today with Adhvika, our all-in-one voice assistant.

‘I am truly grateful for your constant support and guidance throughout this journey. This achievement would not have been possible without your valuable mentorship and encouragement. Thank you for believing in my potential’ Vamsi has shown his gratitude towards the faculty.

Prof. D.S.Rao, Pro VC, Hyderabad; Prof. V.Rama Sastry, Director and Prof. N.Seetaramaiah, Associated Director, School of Technology, Sudeep Sukumaran Kadavil, HoD, CSE Department, and DVVSR Varma, Resident Director also appreciated Vamsi on his achievement.

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