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Singareni’s role in Golden Telangana is memorable: CMD N. Sridhar

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100 million tonnes of coal production.. 4 thousand megawatt power generation.. 50 thousand crore turnover target: 8 new mines to start in five years

Further forward with the spirit of Telangana decade: CMD Sri N. Sridhar

After the formation of Telangana state, Singareni company has achieved turnover, profits, coal production and transportation which has never been achieved in its history, and has effectively managed its responsibility in the progress of the state. The Chairman and MD of the company Mr. N. Sridhar called to move forward with determination to increase the turnover. He inaugurated the Singareni festival at Singareni Bhavan.

As part of the celebrations going on in Singareni, the CMD Martyrs, Telangana ideologue Prof. Jayashankar’s portrait and Telangana mother’s portrait were unveiled at Singareni Bhavan in Hyderabad.

He said in the function of the meeting that Telangana state has achieved progress which no other state in the country has achieved in the last nine years, similarly Singareni has achieved growth which no other public sector organization in the country has achieved in the last 9 years.

He said that since the formation of Telangana state, Singareni organization has provided 19 thousand jobs to the unemployed people of the state. About 45 percent of the 43,000 employees in the Singareni organization are young people.

He said that while many public sector industries in the country are in trouble, the Singareni company is moving ahead in development and is stepping into other states as well. He said that the Singareni company will start producing coal this year from the Naini block in Odisha state and will produce 10 million tonnes of coal every year from next year.

As per the instructions of the Chief Minister of the State, Singareni Corporation has already started a thermal power plant of 1200 megawatts as part of its business expansion and will also provide 224 megawatts of solar power for the state’s needs. In the coming period, Singareni said that they are going ahead with a plan to take the organization to a higher level.

As part of golden Telangana, Singareni company will start 8 new mines to increase production to 100 million tons in the next five years, and we are setting up enough plants to generate 4000 megawatts of electricity, in this way efforts will be made to increase Singareni’s turnover to 50 thousand crores in the next five years. He called on Singareni to achieve lakhs and become a part of golden Telangana by working as a team.

The best employees and officers were honored during the Singareni festival. NCWA Division Deputy Superintendent Mrs. CH Nagamani, Security Guard Mr. Ubaydullah, DGM Mr. Chakradhar Rao and SOM Mr. Krishnachari in Officers Division were honoured.

CMD Mr. N. Sridhar also unveiled the documentary made as part of Singareni Utsavam, the wonderful progress book which was made as a mirror of Singareni Pragati, and the song written by famous poet and Singareni employee Mr. Jayaraju. Later Shri Jayaraju and Shri Ganashankar were honoured.

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