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Gujarat: Govt promotes EVs for green growth

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Electric vehicles (EVs) today play a key role in driving green growth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The world is adapting to electric vehicles as the new mode of modern transport.

They are more efficient as they reduce the dependence on conventional fuels and play an important role in decreasing carbon footprint.

With the rise in global warming and increasing risks of climate change today, it is even more important to promote the use of electric vehicles.

With this in mind, the Government of Gujarat is promoting the use of electric vehicles to combat these challenges by providing a host of incentives in its EV policy.

The state government launched the Gujarat State Electric Vehicle Policy in 2021 with the aim of making Gujarat a manufacturing hub for electric vehicles and its related industries.

With the implementation of the EV Policy, the state has witnessed a huge leap of 1475% in the registration of EV.

From a mere 7240 EVs before the launch of EV Policy, the total number of registered  EVs in Gujarat now stand at 1,18,086.

Around 8,858 EVs  are being registered every month since the last five months.

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