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Singareni wonderful progress in nine years an ideal for country: CMD N.Sridhar at Telangana Dashabdhi celebrations

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Mr. N. Sridhar CMD,SCCL (Singareni) said that in the last nine years after the formation of Telangana state, Singareni has achieved remarkable progress in all fields and has set an example for all public sector industries in the country in welfare as well.

He spoke as the Chief Guest at the Telangana State Emergence Festival held on Thursday at Singareni Bhavan, Hyderabad. On the occasion, he mentioned that although Singareni has a history of 134 years, Telangana has achieved unprecedented growth in the last nine years under the direction of the Chief Minister of the state.

Singareni’s turnover before Telangana was 11,928 crores, but it has increased by 176% in the last nine years to 32,978 crores last year, which has not been achieved by other public sector organizations in the country, compared to Maharatna Company, Singareni is in second place.

Singareni, which posted a profit of Rs 419 crore in 2014 before the Telangana government, has registered a profit of Rs 2,184 crore last year with a growth of 421 per cent, which is also the highest growth achieved by any other government company, he said. He explained that we have achieved 33% growth in coal production, 39% growth in coal transportation and 14 new mines have been started in the last nine years.

Explaining that Singareni is also the organization that provided jobs on a large scale after the formation of Telangana state, he said that so far 19,463 unemployed youths have been provided jobs. Out of these, 15,250 heirs have been given jobs under the compassionate job recruitment process announced by the Chief Minister of the state.

4,207 people have been given jobs through direct recruitment. It is said that 45 percent of the employees in the Singareni company are young people. The Singareni organization has immediately implemented many welfare schemes announced by the State Chief Ministers after holding two intimate meetings with the Singareni workers.

He said that the Singareni organization is paying the interest on the housing loan of ten lakhs for the construction of the workers’ own house, free electricity and free AC connection has been arranged. He explained that the matching grant has been increased from one lakh to ten lakhs and the Singareni organization pays the fees for the children of the workers pursuing higher studies.

He said that the Telangana increment has been implemented for the Singareni workers and the retirement age of 61 years is being implemented on the order of the Chief Minister of the state unlike any other coal industry in the country. In this way, welfare schemes which are not available in any public sector organization in the country are being implemented in the Singareni organization, which became possible only after the formation of Telangana state.

He said that the Singareni company is not only providing enough coal to all the thermal power stations in the state but also providing 1200 megawatts of electricity through the Singareni thermal power station.The participation of Singareni in the state is very happy for the Singareni people.

He said that despite being the last state in the country, Telangana state is at the top in many fields and Singareni organization also stands as a role model for public sector industries.

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