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Hyderabad: Design Thinking Workshop to Empower Emerging Entrepreneurs at GITAM

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A dynamic and interactive ‘Design Thinking workshop’ aimed at equipping startups and emerging entrepreneurs was conducted and a field visit ‘Venture Forest Trails’ on Sunday of a week-long event called ‘Summer Startup School’ (from 26th to 31st of May 2023) was organized by Venture Development Centre (VDC), GITAM, Hyderabad.

The kind Design thinking workshop with essential problem-solving skills and innovation strategies was taken by Vasudev Vangara and Yamini Rapeti Senior Venture Coaches at VDC and promised to be an invaluable opportunity for participants to foster creativity, gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, and drive business success.

The workshop focused on a human-centric approach to problem-solving the broad theme of ‘Biodiversity loss’ to generate innovative solutions to this global crisis. Recognizing its vital role in the success of startups, the workshop was curetted and tailored specifically to their needs. During the workshop, participants engaged in practical exercises, collaborative activities, and real-world case studies, guided by seasoned experts in the field of Design Thinking.

They learn how to empathize with their target audience, define problem statements, generate, and prototype ideas, and test and iterate their solutions. The workshop also covered key elements such as user research, ideation techniques, and effective prototyping.

Attendees took valuable insights and tools that will empower them to approach challenges with a fresh perspective, drive innovation, and deliver products and services that truly resonate with their customers.

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