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Ahmedabad: Rain forces IPL 2023 final to be moved to reserve day tomorrow

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In IPL Cricket, Persistent rain and thunderstorm in Ahmedabad has forced the final of IPL 2023 to be moved to the reserve day (Monday, May 29, 2023).

This is the first time that a final of an IPL has been moved to a reserve day.

The severe rain ensured that even the toss could not take place on the originally scheduled day for the final. The game will now take place in full on the reserve day, weather permitting.

The match officials waited until 23:00 Local Time before calling it a day, as the rain prevented even a curtailed game from taking place. There were provisions in place according to the rules to have a curtailed game if the conditions allowed for it, and there were brief periods when the rain relented that allowed the umpires to go have a look.

But even as they were satisfied with the drainage facilities and the conditions of the outfield at that point, further rain prevented any further course of action.

The rescheduled match will take place at 19:30 Local Time on the reserve day.

The last time a playoff match was played on the reserve day was back in 2014, the fixture being Qualifier 1 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings.

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