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Telangana Govt ready for ‘Telangana State Incarnation Decade Celebrations’: CM KCR released schedule

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The state government has decided to organize ‘Telangana Rashtra Awatarana Dasabdi Utsavalam’ for 21 days from 2nd June to 22nd June. In this context, the schedule of the daily activities of the festival was finalized by Chief Minister Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao in a review meeting held in his chamber in the Secretariat.

Daily Schedule of Telangana State Decade Celebrations:

• June 2 Chief Minister Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao will inaugurate the Telangana State Incarnation Decade Utsavam.

Tributes will be paid at the Martyrs’ Stupa at Gun Park, Hyderabad on June 2. Later, Dr. BR Ambedkar will unfurl the national flag by the CM at Telangana State Secretariat premises. After that, the decade celebratory message will be given. On the same day, national flag salutation, decade celebration messages and other programs are held under the leadership of ministers in all the districts of the state.

June 3 Saturday, June 3 is celebrated as “Telangana Farmers’ Day”. On this occasion, all the farmers’ platforms in the state organize programs under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture. There are programs to inform about the achievements of the state’s agriculture sector, special schemes such as free karantu, rythubandhu, rythu bima etc. The representatives and officials have a communal meal with all the farmers.

• June 4 On Sunday 4th of June, “Safety Day” will be organized under the auspices of the police department. There are programs at the state level and district level to explain the efforts of the police to maintain law and order in the state, the friendly police policy and the efficient services of the state police department.

June 5: “Telangana Electricity Victory Day” will be celebrated on Monday. There will be a meeting with farmers, consumers, electricity employees and public representatives at the constituency level. The qualitative change achieved by the state in the power sector will be explained in the meetings. In the evening, a state level meeting will be held at Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad. .

• June 6 “Telangana Industrial Progress Festival” will be held on Tuesday, June 6. Meetings will be held in industrial areas and IT corridors today. The progress achieved in the respective fields will be explained.

• 7th June Wednesday, 7th June will be celebrated as “Saguneti Day”. There will be meetings in each constituency explaining the record progress achieved in the irrigation sector. A meeting will be held on the achievements of the Telangana irrigation sector under the auspices of the Irrigation Department at Rabindra Bharti, Hyderabad. Honorable Chief Minister will attend this meeting.

•June 8 On Thursday 8th June “Uroora Ponds Festival” will be held. On this occasion there are cultural programs with drums, bonas and batukammas. Songs written by other poets on the pond including pond songs by Sri Goreti Venkanna will be heard. It is celebrated with processions of fishermen’s nets. Meetings are held on the embankments of the pond. The leaders and the people will have a communal meal together on the embankment of the pond.

•June 9 “Telangana Welfare Sambaru” will be celebrated on Friday, June 9. Meetings will be held with the beneficiaries of Asara Pensions, Kalyana Lakshmi and other welfare schemes provided by the government at the constituency level. Rabindra Bharti will have a meeting explaining how Telangana achieved the golden age in welfare and became a compass for the country.

• June 10 “Telangana Good Governance Day” is celebrated on Saturday, June 10. Meetings will be organized in all the district centers and programs will be held to convey the benefits of making government systems more accessible to the people through administrative reforms in the state.

•June 11 “Telangana Literature Day” will be celebrated on 11th June, Sunday. There are district level poet associations and Rabindra Bharati has a state level poet association. To reflect the existence of Telangana and the progress achieved by Telangana, poetry competitions are organized at the district and state level and prizes are awarded to the winners.

• June 12 “Telangana Run” will be held on Monday 12th June. A Telangana Run program will be organized at 6 am in all the constituency centers with youth, students, public representatives, officials, etc. under the auspices of the police department.


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