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Telangana: CM KCR orders to adjust VRAs in other govt departments

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CM KCR directed Mrs. Shanti Kumari to take steps before Telangana Avatarana Dasabdi Utsav by adjusting VRAs in other government departments. The CM, who took a decision on this issue in the cabinet, invited the VRA JAC representatives to his chamber and discussed with them.

The Chief Minister stated that the Telangana government is working for the poor people and the government is determined to immediately solve the problems of underemployed VRAs with humanity.

The CM advised the officials to first collect the details of their descendants and the details of their educational qualifications who have applied for medical validation in the VRAs where there are about 20 thousand people.

The Chief Minister directed the Revenue Secretary Mr. Naveen Mittal to give scale to others based on merit in necessary departments like Municipal, Irrigation (Lashkars), Revenue, ZP, Education, Medical Colleges, Mission Bhagiratha etc.

Adjust them for the next campaign. The CM suggested that MLC, Rythubandhu Samiti state president and VRA should be informed and coordinate in all matters.

VRA advised the JAC representatives to hand over all the information to the authorities first. The CM advised the officers to provide an opportunity to choose government departments of their choice in VRAs based on educational qualifications.

The VRA JAC representatives thanked the Chief Minister for taking a resolution in the cabinet and ordering the officials to solve their problems immediately.

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