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Hyderabad: Coal Companies promoting mining engineering education at OU: Why NMDC delay?

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Recently Coal India (CIL)… yesterday Singareni Collieries Company (SCCL) is lining up to promote mining engineering education at Osmania University. Apart from that, they are in the front line by depositing funds for setting up and maintaining courses and faculty salaries.

The mining giant National Mineral Development Corporation (MDC) has to take the right decision in this regard. The Mining Engineering Associations are of the opinion that NMDC, which operates at the Hyderabad centre, should come forward in this regard.

Mr. Pramod Agarwal Chairman CIL recently came to Hyderabad himself and visited Osmania University to discuss the establishment and management of Mining Engineering courses for signed an agreement with the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. D. Ravinder.

As a part of this, a check of three crore rupees was deposited to facilitate the establishment and management of mining engineering courses and the payment of teachers’ salaries. As part of the development of the mining sector, Coal India’s decision to promote mining engineering education was welcomed by Osmania University, and there was a lot of jubilation. Alumni of Osmania University, Mining Engineers Association Hyderabad, felicitated Coal India.

SCCL partnership with the promotion of mining engineering education

Mining engineering under the prestigious Osmania University, SCCL has taken a step forward in promoting education. Mr. N. Sridhar, An alumnus of Osmania University, Presently is providing extensive services as the CMD of Singareni Collieries Company (SCCL), Hyderabad.

Mr. N. Sridhar CMD’s special initiative to promote mining engineering education has been hailed by all sections of the organization.

To this extent, as part of promoting mining engineering education, the agreement documents were signed with Osmania University. As part of this, three crores of rupees were deposited for mining engineering education management and faculty salaries. On this occasion, the agreement program organized at Osmania University received a great response.

All credit goes to Mr. B. Veera Reddy, Director (Technical), CIL

Mr. B. Veera Reddy, an alumnus of the University and the current Director (Technical) of CIL, has taken credit for his role in promoting mining engineering education in Osmania University. Director Veera Reddy proudly says that the world famous Osmania had a mining engineering department till 1978, and many people like him studying in that department are serving as chairmen and directors of many mining companies in the country.

He said that as a former student, he is very happy to contribute to the development of the university. With the determination of director Veera Reddy, mining engineering education will be revived in Osmania University.

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