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Telangana: Govt introduces a Robotics Framework for providing roadmap to promote robotic ecosystem in State

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The Telangana Government has introduced a Robotics Framework, for providing a roadmap to promote a robotic ecosystem in the State. This is the first-of-its-kind policy in the country.

Under the initiative, the Government will set up a Telangana Robotics Innovation Centre (TRIC) to implement the framework which will focus on the key pillars of infrastructure access, business enablement, fostering research and innovation, development of a skilled workforce, and responsible deployment.
Speaking at the launch programme, IT and Industries Minister K.T. Ramarao said the framework will promote an innovation ecosystem that will help the State manufacture robots not only for the country but for the world.

The State government signed Memoranda of Understanding with IIT-Hyderabad, AgHub of State Agriculture University, and a few others to enhance the robotics ecosystem in the state and promote innovation, research, and growth in the field.

The Government will set up a Robo Park, which will provide testing facilities, co-working options, and co-production/manufacturing options. It will also establish a robotics accelerator to provide start-ups with incubation, infrastructure, authorisation support, market insights, investor connect, and mentorship support.

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