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“Daksha”, a female cheetah brought from South Africa, died in Kuno National Park today

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The female cheetah Daksha released from South Africa in Kuno National Park was found fatally injured by the monitoring team on 09.05.2023 at 10:45 am. Treatment was done by the veterinarians but said Cheetah died tragically at 12.00 noon the same day.

This is the third cheetah to die in Kuno since the cats were brought from South Africa and Namibia. Twenty cheetahs have been brought to the national park since last year, of which two died in March and April respectively.

Prima facie, the wounds found on the female cheetah Daksha seem to have been caused by a violent interaction with the male, during the courtship/ mating attempt.

Such violent behaviours by male coalition cheetahs towards female cheetahs during mating are common. In such a situation, the chances of intervention by the monitoring team are almost non-existent and practically impossible.
The autopsy of the dead female cheetah (Daksha) is being carried out by the veterinary team as per the protocol.

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