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Karnataka Election: EC issues notice to KPCC president over ‘rate card’ statements against BJP, seeks empirical evidence

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The Election Commission of India has issued a notice to KPCC President for publishing an advertisement in Karnataka with the alleged rate card of the BJP Government for appointments, transfers and jobs.

The State Congress has been asked to show reasons and provide empirical evidence for the allegations made against the BJP Government in the State. The explanation has to reach the Election Commission by 1900 hours today.

It has asked why action should not be initiated by the Commission against them for violating the Model Code of Conduct and relevant legal provisions under the Representation of People’s Act and IPC. Bharatiya Janata Party had complained to the Commission on the 5th of May that the Congress had made false allegations against them to mislead the electorate.

The show cause notice served by the Commission says that the accusations, without any corresponding informational verification, vitiate the electoral process by disturbing the level playing field and potentially mislead the elector from making informed choices. It further says that the specific charges made in the advertisement bring into disrepute the entire administration, fomenting a feeling of distrust against the Government.

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