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SCR completes Record Electrification of 1,017 Route kms in 2022-23

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South Central Railway Observes Electrical Safety Week

Electrification done during 2022-23 is the best-ever achievement since inception of the Zone.

The Zone is observing Electrical safety week during 03 – 09 May 2023.

South Central Railway is observing Electrical Safety Week from 03rd to 09th May, 2023 to promote electrical safety aspects and saving of electrical energy. During the safety week, seminars on electrical safety will be held at the divisional level and various other establishments. Special training classes are also being conducted for the electrical supervisors and staff on increasing awareness regarding electricity rules. Inspection of Fire audit, functioning of fire detection and fire-fighting equipment will be carried out. Posters and banners are also displayed to bring awareness on electrical safety.

SCR completes Record Electrification

South Central Railway has registered its best-ever performance in electrification of its network during 2022-23. The Zone has completed 1,017 Route Kilometers (RKM) of Railway electrification works in FY 2022-23, which is an all-time record in the history of the Zone. The achievement is also the second highest RKM of Electrification done by any Zone across Indian Railways during 2022-23.

Indian Railways has accorded special focus to electrification of its network. Out of the total electrification of 1017 Rkms, 286.4 Kms fall under Telangana, 133.7 Rkms fall under Andhra Pradesh, 546 Rkms falls under Maharashtra and 50.8 Rkms pertains to Karnataka jurisdiction of SCR. The state-wise details of the Electrification completed on the Zone during 2022-23 are as follows:

  • 286.4 Rkms pertaining to Telangana region of SCR comprises of sections like Bhavanapalem – Sattupalli; Manoharabad – Nizamabad; Mahabubnagar – Alampur Road; Kosai – Ambari; Jankampet – Basar.
  • 133.7 Rkms pertaining to Andhra Pradesh region of SCR comprises of sections like Dharmavaram – Kadiri; Aravalli – Nidadavolu; New Piduguralla – Savalyapuram; Alampur – Kurnool City; Gooty Bypass cabin.
  • 546 Rkms pertaining to Maharashtra region of SCR comprise of sections like Washim – Purna; Kamalnagar – Parli; Ambari – Mudkhed; Rotegaon – Dinegaon; Parli – Parbhani.
  • 50.8 Rkms pertaining to Karnataka region of SCR between Khanapur – Kamalnagar.

Electrification of railway lines on such huge magnitude has also led to availability of continuous electrified rail connectivity between Secunderabad / Hyderabad to Bengaluru as well Chennai, operation of first electrified train in sections like Bhadrachalam – Sattupalli in Telangana, Dharmavaram – Pakala in Andhra Pradesh and Aurangabad to Dinagaon in Maharashtra among others

The electrification of rail lines helps in providing seamless movement of trains by avoiding change in traction power and reducing enroute detention of both the coaching and freight trains. It helps in improving the average speed of the trains and hence more trains can be introduced in these sections due to the enhancement of sectional capacity. It also provides an environment-friendly means of powering the trains with zero carbon emissions, while saving fuel costs at the same time.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, South Central Railway congratulated staff & officers of the Zone for the excellent teamwork and dedication in executing the electrification works. The General Manager stated that the pace with which the electrification works have been carried out has not only helped in achieving record electrification but has also earned recognition at the National level. He said that the major portion of the SCR network is now electrified and the Zone is progressing swiftly towards achieving 100% electrification of its existing broad gauge lines over its jurisdiction.  

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