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Hyderabad: Govt will take special measures to develop Nehru Zoo Park at international level: IK Reddy

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The decision was taken at the Zoos and Parks Authority Of Telangana (ZAPAT) meeting chaired by Minister Indrakaran Reddy.

The government has decided to develop the Hyderabad Nehru Zoo Park, which has completed sixty years, on an international level. The Zoos And Parks Authority Of Telangana) Governing Council meeting was held at Aranya Bhavan under the chairmanship of Forest and Environment Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy.

In the Governing Council meeting, it was decided to further develop the Nehru Zoo Park and other zoos in the state and make them more attractive to the visitors with eco-friendly programs.

Kakatiya Zoo Park- Hanumakonda, Pillalamarri Mini zoo Park- Mahbubnagar, Lower Maneru Deer Park- Karimnagar, Kinnerasani Deer Park- Palvancha, animal conservation-exhibition activities, KBR, Mrigavani, Mahaveer Harina Vasanthali and other urban forest parks were mainly discussed in the meeting.

In the meeting, the Minister discussed about improving the facilities in Nehru Zoo Park at the national and international level, making the habitats of wild animals more comfortable, importing more attractive animals, setting up tiger and lion enclosures with glass partition to see them closely, more facilities for visitors and setting up an environmental science center.

Curator Prashant Patil gave a presentation on the existing facilities and opportunities for further development at Nehru Zoo Park. Minister Indrakaran Reddy ordered to take steps for implementation as soon as possible with the suggestions of experts. With the permission of the government, all zoo parks, national parks and urban forest parks along with Hyderabad will be made eco-friendly and made available to the public, PCCF, (HoFF) R.M.M. Dobriyal said.

The Governing Council has approved a nominal increase in the entry charges of Nehru Zoo Park in view of the increased cost of ownership. Henceforth, the fee has been fixed as 70 rupees for adults on weekdays, 80 rupees on holidays, 45 rupees for children and 55 rupees on holidays. The governing body has decided to further expand the facility of adopting animals and donating maintenance costs.

It has been decided to discuss with the officials of the concerned department to control the water coming from the Miralam tank into the zoo park and to provide drinking water accommodation for the animals through Mission Bagiratha.

Zoo Park Director Vinay Kumar, OSD Sankaran, ZAPAT Governing Body members, officials and staff of various Zoo Parks and National Parks participated in the meeting.

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