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PSLV Orbital Experimental Module, POEM-2 successfully conducted on-orbit experiments in space

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IN-SPACe, a commercial wing of ISRO has informed that PSLV Orbital Experimental Module, POEM-2 has been successfully conducting on-orbit experiments in space.

The Technical Directorate Director of IN-SPACe, Rajeev Jyoti has said that POEM-2 with seven payloads is conducting in-orbit testing for various non-government entities. The experiments carried out through the payloads are unique.

The valuable on-orbit data received offers scope for further development and new opportunities.

Rajeev Jyoti has said that IN-SPACe has extended technical and operational support for these experiments from Hyderabad-based Dhruva Space, Bengaluru-based Bellatrix Aerospace, and the Bengaluru-based Indian Institute of Astrophysics and Thiruvananthapuram-based Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology. The PSLV-C55 was launched from Sriharikota on April 22. 

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