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Telangana: PCCF Lokesh Jaiswal lauds glorious revival of forest in Bhadradri circle

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Mr. Lokesh Jaiswal PCCF, CEO (CAMPA) inspected the forest restoration works undertaken in Khammam, Kottagudem and Mahabubnagar districts of Bhadradri Forest Circle. During the last three days in hot summer, extensive tours were conducted in the forest areas, while inspecting the various works undertaken by the forest department, expressing satisfaction and praising the performance of the officials and staff who worked hard for it.

During the three-day visit, PCCF Lokesh Jaiswal inspected the work of plantations, nurseries, forest roads, fire lines, watch towers, base camps, personnel residences, water ponds, grass fields, check dams, stone embankments, ditches under CAMPA funds. The PCCF inspected the quality of the work as per the rules and gave necessary instructions to the staff and officers.

As part of reviving the degraded forests within Bhadradri Forest Circle, many innovative programs have been undertaken very effectively. As part of this, large-scale forest restoration works have been undertaken in 6,29,422 hectares of forest areas in 340 forest blocks.

Under this program, trenches were dug along the forest borders for 361 km without causing any damage to the forest. Similarly, 8,619 boundary pillars have been set up in the last five years. An iron fence has been constructed along the 71 km forest boundary. 93 km. a protective wall has been constructed along the urban forest blocks within the range. Gachhakayala Plantation was taken up on the trenches set up within 819 km.

Meanwhile, 5,214 stone embankments, 388 water ponds, 88 small water ponds, 314 check dams and 29 watch towers were constructed as part of water conservation measures in forest areas. Over 369 km to enable staff and officials to move freely in dense forest areas. Forest roads have been constructed in the last five years. 55 houses have been constructed for staff accommodation in forest areas.

Over 3,773 km fire lines have been established to prevent wildfires occurring in forests. 14012 hectares of trees have been planted in forest areas. 469 hectares of grasslands have been established. In the same way, bamboo plantations were raised on the banks on both sides adjacent to the streams. In 43,980 hectares of degraded forest areas, forest restoration work was undertaken and efforts were made to increase greenery. Today the deserted areas are dreaming of greenery. 2,239 hectares of weeds have been removed to preserve native flora and grass species.

Through the forest restoration works undertaken in Bhadradri Circle, the best results were achieved in all 340 forest blocks and stood as a sign of success. According to the estimates of the works undertaken in these, 52 forest blocks achieved hundred percent results and stood as an ideal. 80-99 percent of 38 forest blocks, 60-79 percent of 59 blocks, 40-59 percent of 51 blocks and less than 40 percent of 34 blocks have been worked on. In the three districts under the circle, a new life style has been initiated through reforestation measures.

According to the recently released statistics on forest status of Forest Survey of India, Telangana state has 632 sq. km. Forest area has increased in the range. The fact that this is the second largest increase in the country is a good thing. This increase happened during the period 2019-21. A lion’s share of this honor belongs to the Bhadradri circle.

Afterwards, PCCF, CEO (CAMPA) Lokesh Jaiswal discussed in detail the utilization of funds and management of forest restoration works as per the rules in a review meeting held with DFOs and FDOs FROs in Bhadradri Circle at Vanavihar Conference Hall in Kottagudem.

Mr. Lokesh Jaiswal PCCF, during the three day visit, Bhadradri Circle CCF Bhima Naik, DFOs Ravikiran, Archana, Ranjith Naik, Vasantha, Siddharth, Vikram Singh, FDOs Krishnamachary, Damodar Reddy, Tirumala Rao, Maqsood, Chandrasekhar, Appiah, Babu, Manjula and FROs participated.   

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