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A three-day national expo in the Indian medical device sector – India MedTech Expo, 2023 to be held in August

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Three Days National Expo on Indian Medical Devices Sector – India MedTech Expo, 2023 to be organized in August 2023 alongside G-20 Health Ministers Meeting

Department and Industry Associations to organize 3 days National Level Expo on this Sunrise Sector in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

To highlight the Capabilities of Indian Medical Devices Sector under the G-20 Indian Presidency, the first ever expo being spearheaded by the Government in association with Indian medical devices industry, the three-day IMTE-23 will now be held in Gandhi Nagar, alongside the G-20 Health Ministers meeting in August 2023, for showcasing the capabilities of Indian Medical Devices Industry and to create opportunities to network and explore collaborations both for the sector’s growth in India and its potential contribution globally.

Department of Pharmaceuticals is planning to organize a large-scale first-time National Level Expo on Medical Devices sector for three days (18-20 August 2023), at Helipad Exhibition Centre, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. The G-20 Health Ministers meeting is scheduled at Gandhi Nagar from 17-19 August 2023.

India MedTech Expo, rescheduled to be held in January 2023, received tremendous response from the MedTech Industry and the with the plan to host the same in August 2023 in alignment with the G-20 Health Ministers meeting, will give the much needed boost to this Sunrise Sector, which the Department of Pharmaceuticals is supporting through various initiatives such as PLI scheme, Medical Devices Park Scheme, etc.

The Medical Device industry is the highest among all the sectors in the healthcare market and presently, various categories of devices starting from consumables to implantable medical devices are being manufactured in India. With the support of PLI scheme, high end medical devices such as CT Scan, MRI, LINAC, etc are being manufactured domestically in the country.

About 150+ Start-ups, more than 275 Indian and International Medical Device companies and MSME units, about 50 Research Institutions will be participating in the Expo. About 200 foreign buyers will be hosted for B2B engagement.

The current market size of the medical devices sector in India is estimated to be 11 Bn USD and the sector in India is at a growth stage with CAGR of 10-12% over the last decade and has the potential to reach $ 50 bn by 2030. The proposed Expo will create visibility of medical devices ecosystem to the world and build a brand identity for the Indian MedTech sector.

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